Evolution of Music

Evolution of Music

Since its inception, music has evolved. Music has evolved to offer a wide range of music that everyone can enjoy. Musicians who produce great music are highly praised and respected. This has led to many musicians wanting to make a name for themselves and gain fame and fortune with their music. Music is constantly changing in the United States. In fact, this music evolution has been very rapid in recent years. Music has changed for many reasons, including improved technology and cultural changes, as well as the desire to create new music.

Music has always been influenced by culture. Music was primarily found in two places during the Middle Ages: the church and the pub. This environment was not conducive to the growth of good music. During the Baroque period (1601-1750), wealthy people hired musicians to create music for them. These patrons paid musicians to create and perform music for their enjoyment and entertainment at parties. For a long time, music in Europe did not change much. Music began to develop in America. The new country developed a unique culture, which was reflected in the music and dancing. It is known as big band, which is one of the most popular styles of music. Because a large group was involved in creating catchy and snappy songs, it is known as big band. This type of music was popular in America, Europe and elsewhere in the 1920s. America was very happy with big band music as a way to enjoy and entertain.

In the 1920s, Adolf Rickenbacker created the electric guitar. This revolutionized music. It was this year that electricity was first used to amplify instruments. Jazz music was also born with the invention the electric guitar. It was almost impossible to include a guitar in band music before the invention of the electric guitar. The electric guitar solved this problem. African Americans are strongly connected to rhythm in their music. Tribal music in Africa, which includes singing and drumming, is an example of this. African Americans got hold of an electric guitar to create jazz. Jazz was a music genre that rebelled against culture. It was not like the music played in churches, but it was great for dancing to. Jazz became a part African Americans’ culture. But racism was still a major part of American culture. Many white people dislike jazz music because it is mostly performed by black musicians. White musicians started to perform the original songs written by African Americans. This led to more people liking Jazz. Certain whites believed it was okay to listen to Jazz, as long as it was performed only by whites. Jazz music had a positive impact on American culture. It helped to give pride to African Americans.

Music will reflect the cultural changes as long as they continue to evolve. America has a culture that changes and grows constantly, which will lead to music being changed.

Terri Steward